Discussion “On horrible ideas”. The discussion will be lead by Oudekki Loone.


Discussion “On horrible ideas”. The discussion will be led by Oudekki Loone (Estonia).

December 6 / 15.00–16.30 / Estonian Centre of Architecture / Free to the public

Discussion will be in english!

In 1869 John Stuart Mill wrote a powerful argument for freedom of speech, stating that in a free society even the most pernicious ideas should be voiced and discussed, otherwise we assume infallibility and exclude any possibility of innovation. Since then, freedom of speech has been widely accepted limit to majority rule.

Still, in the end of 2014 people in liberal democracies keep hitting the very same type of barriers Mill once criticised: neoliberal economic policy ideas have become so pervasive and so uncritically adopted that, ironically, we are reifying the marketplace but dismissing Mill’s marketplace of ideas. Are we still able to discuss possiblities of changing neoliberal economic arrangements? Are we allowed to use all communication methods? Are we autocensuring ourselves because of fear of going against real or perceived public consensus? Where is the limit between freedom of discussion, political correctness, insults and incitement to violence?

Oudekki Loone is a political scientist and philosopher, with main research area of immigration and sovereignty. She is also a civil society activist, fervent fighter for freedom of speech, a leader of the social movement “No to Police State”, which managed in 2009 to stop the parliament adopting a law was designed to ban all public meetings. She is also EU and OSCE election observer and has participated in missions in Liberia, Yemen, Aceh (Indonesia), Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan.


- Jonathan Hobin, award-winning and internationally noted photographer and artist whose work explores political and social taboos.

- Mikko Lagerspetz is a professor of sociology at Åbo Akademi University whose main areas of research are civil society, cultural policies, cultural identity and social issues.

- Daniele Monticelli is a professor of semiotics and Italianistics at Tallinn University. His main areas of research are philosophy of language, translation studies, literary semiotics, contemporary continental philosophy and critical theory.