Performance “1 ½”

Performance “1 ½” (One and a Half), Oddman Production

December 6 / 21.00–21.45 / Kultuurikatel, Vitamiiniloft / 7/10 EUR

One and a half 4

A performance about loneliness

The puppet man Antero starts over in a new empty space. There he can be exactly the way he is and there won’t be any fuzz. But he needs someone to dance with! Perhaps it can be a couple of juggling balls? Perhaps a girlfriend or something?
Frida Odden Brinkmann is a juggler and circus artist, with 1 1⁄2 she combines puppetry and circus in a curious solo performance.

Frida Odden Brinkmann born in Norway 1983, studied circus from 2002-2008 in Afuk (Copenhagen), Cirkuspiloterna (Stockholm) and Académie Fratellini (Paris). She has worked as a juggler in companies like Gandini Juggling, Jérôme Thomas Cie, Leandre/Cie La Tal and Nofit State Circus and performed her solo juggling act at juggling conventions all over Europe and in USA between 2008-2012. She produced the show “Circo Herencia” together with Gaston Sanchez in 2010, and the show has played more than 150 times in Norway, Spain and Russia. “1 1⁄2 “ is her first solo performance. By december 6th it will have been performed more than 100 times in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, France, Spain and Latvia.

  • Producer: Frida Odden Brinkmann

  • Scenography: Monica Valsø Nestvold/Frida Odden Brinkmann
  • Technician/graphic design: David Skauen
  • Performer/idea/script: Frida Odden Brinkmann
  • Director/dramaturgy/script: Anne Mali Sæther
  • Sound design/composer: Anthony Barratt
  • Creator of the puppets head: Sjur Odden Skjeldal
  • Director/script (pre project): Rudi Skotheim Jensen
  • Acting coach (pre project): Brit Lossius

Produced with support from:, Fredrikstad kommune, Østfold Fylkeskommune og FFUK. danse og teater sentrum.
Takk til: Nesoddparken, St. Croix Huset, Studium Actoris, Sirkuslandsbyen/Cirkus Xanti, Subtopia, Maksim Komaro and Måneproduksjoner.