Lecture “Things from the future, cities and people”


Lecture “Things from the future, cities and people” or “From our own space” about the space in music videos, Tõnu Karjatse (Estonia)

December 6 / 20.00–22.00 / Estonian Centre of Architecture / Free to the public

“Things from the future, cities and people” or “Of our own space” is a discussion based on music videos about how artists (and their marketers) explain space, or more simply “their own space”, in music videos. Tõnu Karjatse observes how the artist takes the space, expands it and turns it into their own, as well as where they set limits.

Both local and international artists are under observation. The choice is personal and doesn’t even try to grasp everything that has been made into a music video over the last 30+ years. At the same time it allows certain distinctive features of the changes that have occurred to be highlighted. As such, the “own space” of music videos can’t be separated from the artist’s commercial ambitions, and video solutions for songs are stereotypically genre-centred – indie is typically set in a forest, shoegaze in a room and punk and hip-hop in a city. The city and countryside are opposed once again – urban and rural – but these lines can be crossed.

Karjatse studied at the Estonian Institute of Humanities and Tallinn Pedagogical Institute (now known as the University of Tallinn). He has been active in audio-visual media since 1996 and currently works for Estonian Public Broadcasting. He is also a member of the Estonian Association of Film Journalists. He has published articles in a number of daily and weekly newspapers and magazines (Eesti Ekspress, Sirp and Teater.Muusika.Kino). In terms of transport he prefers bicycles; he never fights; and he listens to music whenever he can.