Artist talk “Visual Taboo: The art of Jonathan Hobin”, Jonathan Hobin


Artist talk “Visual Taboo: The art of Jonathan Hobin”, Jonathan Hobin (Kanada)

December 6 / 14.00–14.45 / Estonian Centre of Architecture / Free to the public

The artist talk will be held in English!


Jonathan Hobin 2

During his artist talk, Jonathan Hobin will discuss some key cultural factors that have influenced his most well known works. Reflections of youth in western popular culture, the essential role of childhood play, and the ever evolving media will be some of the issues being discussed. A key segment of the discussion will involve Hobin speaking about his personal experience of exhibiting work, the controversy that arose and the consequences of expressing taboo issues in visual language. Questions and an open discussion with members of the audience will be encouraged towards the end of the talk and if time permits, Hobin will share a sample of his current project “Cry Babies”.

Jonathan Hobin is an award winning and internationally noted photo-based artist from Canada. His work draws from iconic literary, cinematic and historical references and popular culture to explore the darker aspects of childhood, politics and storytelling. Considered a controversial figure and one of Canada’s most polarizing visual artists, Hobin’s work has been exhibited internationally and featured in major media including CNN, BBC, CBC as well as art publications including Art Das Kunstmagazin (Germany), Beaux Arts (France) and the Photographers Companion (China).

As a guest speaker of the Tallinn Creative Hub, Hobin will give a talk about the possibilities and consequences of making art involving political and social taboos. He will also participate in a round table discussion focused on freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of expression.