Concert performance “MIMproject & Lunar Sound”

Concert perfomance “MIMproject & Lunar Sound”

December 5 / 21.30–22.30 / Kultuurikatel / 7 EUR


Concert performance “MIMproject & Lunar Sound”

The creator of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, once said that if he needs to beat an opponent, he does so with the biggest available weapon – the Earth.

In the MIMproject action, sound will be beaten with the next biggest available object – the Moon.

MIMproject’s music will be bounced off the Moon and come back to Earth. It will take time, and the result will be the biggest echo machine available.

Basically, it will go something like this – a musician will appear with a cord in his hand and ask: “Where’s my effect block?” “Here,” he’ll be told, and he’ll be connected to the Moon.

MIMproject’s cosmic sound will not fix your chakras or enlighten you. Everything that you hear will be the way from here to the Moon and back. Everything you call out, the Moon will echo back. We’ll have help from one of the world’s leading radio amateurs specialising in Moon communications – Viljo Allik. The people connected to the “MIMproject & Lunar Sound” concert are Taavet Jansen, Maike Lond, Hendrik Kaljujärv, Raul Keller, Andres Tenusaar, Henri Hütt, Andrus Aaslaid, Kalle Tikas, Andrus Laansalu and Viljo Allik.

The concert will comprise the following elements:

  • The Moon (1 pc)
  • Radio telescope (3 pcs)
  • 2.32 GHz transmitter (1 pc)
  • Vocal-instrumental ensemble (1 pc)
  • Internet connection (1 pc)

MIMproject is an association that was established in 2005. Its name comes from the phrase ‘Music is Movement is Image is Music’. Its projects depend on the movements that seem important at the time – whether in the fields of technology, social life, politics or art. Laboratory-based short-term flash projects alternate with audio-visual installations and theatre performances. MIMproject connects visual artists, choreographers, lighting artists, animators, sound artists, directors, writers and engineers. Its composition is changing all the time, depending on the topic or concept of the project at hand.

MIMproject was a laureate of the annual awards of the Estonian Cultural Endowment in 2013.