19.00Verbal-musical program “At Three o’clock at Night” by Tuuli Velling, Mart Soo and Teet Velling (Estonia) / Creative Hub

19.00—Kristina Õllek, Mari Volens, Alina Orav, Aap Tepper, Taavet Jansen – EKA fotograafia osakonna map installatsioon – Kultuurikatel

19.30Animal Religion performance “Indomador” / Kanuti Gildi SAAL

21.30Concert performance “MIMproject & Lunar Sound” / Creative Hub

22.30Stalker Festival Club Night / Creative Hub

Full moon

7 zones

2 stages

3 bases

900 souls

2 floors

temperatures between -20,5º…+158º (F)

Would you like to be at home?


14.00Workshop “Catching Ideas”, Sally Stuudio (Estonia) / Creative Hub

14.00—Kristina Õllek, Mari Volens, Alina Orav, Aap Tepper, Taavet jansen – EKA fotograafia osakonna map installatsioon – Kultuurikatel

14.00Artist talk by photographer Jonathan Hobin (Canada) / Estonian Centre of Architecture

15.00Discussion “On horrible ideas”. The discussion will be led by Oudekki Loone (Estonia) / Estonian Centre of Architecture

17.00Premiere of “Ecopolis China” (Anna-Karin Grönroos; Finland 2013) in Estonia / Estonian Centre of Architecture

18.15Discussion “Between utopia and future”. The discussion will be led by Kristi Grišakov (Estonia) / Estonian Centre of Architecture

19.30Animal Religioni performance “Indomador” / Kanuti Gildi SAAL

20.00Lecture “Things from the future, cities and people” or “From our own space” by Tõnu Karjatse (Estonia) / Estonian Centre of Architecture

21.00Oddman Production performance “1 ½” (One and a Half) / Creative Hub

22.00Ekke Västrik, Mihkel Tomberg, Roland Karlson, Taavi Kerikmäe and Toomas Savi “Pasta Modulare Süntesatoorium” / Creative Hub


Events will take place:

Creative Hub / Põhja pst. 27a, Tallinn

Estonian Centre of Architecture / Põhja pst. 27a, Tallinn

Kanuti Gildi SAAL / Pikk 20, Tallinn