→ 0:30 Basement stage

AudioKinetica is a group of creatively active and energetic people. They make different kinds of original projects in the field of kinetics, music, theater and visual art which are united by the common ideas from the Universe. Dedication and ambition has no limits! Thanks to their unlimited potential of creativity AudioKinetica generate ideas that sometimes may seem a bit too unrealistic at the first sight.

But after a while those ideas come to life thanks to inquisitive minds and the skills and talents of the musicians, artists, engineers and producers. They create audio-visual, musical and theatrical performances with the purpose to give the audience the possibility to feel themselves as the important and integral part of the technological progress, and also to try themselves in a role of a musician, an artist, an engineer. The performances are mostly interactive, so that every person can physically make sure that there is a man standing behind all the technological progress, and so every person can feel how important he is in the system of our world and the Universe.