“Just came to say thanks for the amazingly planned and executed festival. We enjoyed every minute of our stay there. I’ve been in Turku for maybe an hour and already bumbed into some friends who would like to go to Stalker next year, just by seeing the pictures we posted in facebook. People are stoked about the place and the line-up. The venue was simply mindblowing and I’m sure I’ll never forget this trip. I wish Finland had something similar, but the stiff rules and regulations prevent from arranging such a cool festival here. I think we’ll gather a large group of people and come to Stalker next year just as paying customers.

Say thanks to all the people involved in making the festival and especially big thanks to Linda for taking care of us. Maybe we’ll see you next year there.”

Tomi / Nightsatan

“I just wanted to thank you all for a wonderful weekend that left my head filled with thoughts, ideas, inspiration and impressions! 

And to wish you the best of luck for the upcoming events, activities and construction work, to have all the optimism and good energy to get over any hurdles that may rise – I am certain it will be a great success. Please know I am always happy to assist with anything I can in the future, as an artist, performer, curator, manager, or time-waster :) and I can’t wait to see what will emerge in that beautiful building!

Thank you all for the warm hospitality (especially to dear Marge for taking such good care of me!) and I hope to see you soon.

Best wishes from Berlin,”

Ronni (Shendar)