Nightsatan (FI)

→ 1:00 Katelde saal

From the year 2021 after the demise of mankind comes the first lasermetal-patrol ever. Three fortunate survivors, tough guys dressed in battle armours built out of scrap metal. Their mission is to warn mankind of their impending doom through their music. Unfortunately they have to get their important message across to people by playing instrumental songs with no lyrics.

Their music makes you think of the apocalypse and the desolate times beyond that. Beautiful hand played arpeggios and booming bass frequencies team up with robot-like drumming and timeless melodies to form a soundtrack for a movie never made.

Their debut album Midnight Laser Warrior already made small waves across the globe. Certain people who like italian horror soundtrackers Goblin, Pittsburgh band Zombi or John Carpenter’s tense soundtracks for his own movies found a new favourite in Nightsatan. Their mix of soundtracks, doom metal, vintage videogame vibes and Miami Vice-sensibilities has made them a favourite both in electronic and metal circles. The second album is under construction and it seems it’ll be even better than the first. There’s also a rumour circulating about a post apocalyptic movie starring the band, but we won’t confirm them.

Nightsatan will continue making music until they get their message across to you. Beware, the end is nigh and living in a post apocalyptic world ain’t no picnic. Come to the electronic sabbath, Nightsatan’s there.