MIMproject “Threshing Mongrels”

→ 23:30 Keldrilava

Threshing Mongrels
is the first presentation (showing) of the project MIM goes white (noise). MIM goes white (noise) is the new research project by MIMproject team. The artists are working with several variations of noise: they try to find new meanings and connections between them; they try to sense and contextualize the new meanings. And as MIMproject has emerged – the main emphasis is still on conventional elements of theatre – black box, text, visual, sound and light. MIMproject is using the typical elements of theatre but emanating from split aesthetics they research and explore outputs that can describe the actual situation of social and economic policy.

MIMproject is a time-dependent  (temporal) association. The name MIM comes from keywords Music is Movement is Image is Music. All the projects of MIMproject result from the movements which currently are in the air in technological, social, political or art field.  Laboratory projects alternate with concerts, audiovisual performances etc.

Team members of association also change over time according to theme and/or the concepts of the projects. MIMproject connects visual artists, choreographers, light designers, sound designers, directors, writers, engineers, amateurs (Taavet Jansen, Maike Lond, Hendrik Kaljujärv, Andrus Laansalu, Henri Hütt, David Loscher, Martin Sookael, Jan Fedinger, Kristjan Jansen, Andrus Aaslaid, Björn Erlach, Genoel Rühle, Päär Pärenson, Lauri Sepp, Kalle Tikas jt).