BROKEN TIME ORCHESTRA – »Küsi eneselt / Ask Yourself« 23:00

The BROKEN TIME ORCHESTRA is staffed by two people: Taavi Kerikmäe and Priit »Julm« Juurmann. Their music is a fusion of broken-beats electronics and acoustic sounds. Julm is competent for programming and mixing while Taavi is working on sound synthesis and playing keyboards. Jam sessions play a very important role in their creative process. At live events BTO often collaborates with the estonian video artist Tencu. »Küsi eneselt / Ask Yourself« is a music piece by the Estonian electronic music pioneer Sven Grünberg that he realized in the 70s with the legendary prog-rock band Mess. The BTO filters Grünberg’s esthetics and his musical impact through their own soundscapes and broken rhythmic structures.