Sound Performance 22:00

Raul Keller & Hello Upan (Estonia)
»LokaalRaadio – Symbolistica«

The performance will be a radio show, performed by Raul Keller and Hello Upan, both prerecorded and improvised sound. »LokaalRaadio« is narrowcast radio and a performance radio show that Keller and Upan have been performing with Katrin Essenson since 2008. Keller will use some material derived from his solo exhibition »KLANG!« held in Tallinn 24.02-07.03.2012 – a sound environment and »virtual studio«. The instruments include a no-input-mixer, bowed guitar, trombone, violin, simple lo-fi monophonic synths, mechanical wheel sinewave generator, effects and text. The name of the performance »Symbolistica« initially comes from graphical synthesis of symbols played as sound. The performance will be narrowcast on a low power mono transmitter. In Tallinn Keller & Upan will present the next phase of the performance, a concert installation in a cellar space.