Opening seminar of the Development Centre

The Tallinn Creative Hub Development Centre is organizing an international seminar on 28th of September for partners, culture managers and potential development partners. The aim of the seminar is to launch the activities of the Development Centre and to introduce the showcase model of the platform for future development partners – Stalker Festival.

The seminar’s title is „Spend time with time-wasters“. The seven points we would like to “surf” during the kick-off seminar are referring to the world renowned WIRED magazine approach to realize who and what are the makers of the future trends. “Look for cross-pollinators” asks who are the people or organizations paving the path on the interdisciplinary field. “Surf the exponentials” inquires how to create more value with less effort. “Demand deep design” focuses on friendlier, reliable, understandable “product”, which is also aesthetically beautiful. “Give points for audacity” looks at innovation as a bold, honest and experimental process. “Bank the openness” – the world is moving towards openness, transparency and availability. “Favour the liberators” looks the basics for creativity – open-mindedness, liberation and anti-paranoia. “Spend time with time-wasters” teaches to look for the new ideas in subcultures, peripheries, communities existing at extreme, where all the new trends are born naturally.

The seminar starts with a casual lunch at Kultuurikatel at 13:00, presentations from 13:45 to 16:30, 16:45 – 17:45 panel, Q&A session.


The annual Stalker Festival will be a platform for the development partners of the Development Centre that gives then the opportunity to present themselves to delegates (producers, agents, agencies, festival organisers and media).

The seminar will present the TCH Development Centre:

  • Services
  • Space solutions
  • Definition of the interdisciplinary
  • Conditions of involvement of development partners
  • Concept of Stalker Festival

The opening seminar offers examples of best practices, presentations by experts and stimulating meetings to create new networks. It is a format that will be used as a training model for Development Centre development partners.

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Tallinn Creative Hub Development Centre opening seminar is funded by European Union Regional Development Fund through Enterprize Estonia Creative Industries Support Structure measure (2007-2013).